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What is a boomer?  If you don't know, you probably aren't one.  If you are one, and perhaps your memory is not what it once was cracked up to be, a "boomer" is a slang term for the generation of people born to post-WW II parents between the years of 1946 and 1964.


For all you young'uns in "Generation X", "Y" and now "Z", we are the people who are driving the economy and the ones you will have to support some day.


Welcome !

We are working to build a portal specifically for Baby Boomers.  We are actively building the site, looking for editors, contributors, advertisers, and applicable content.

Although there are many informational web sites on the internet, we intend BoomerBrand.com to unabashedly be both targeted at, as well as created and maintained by us Boomers.

Please bookmark the site and check back.


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