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  • If you grew up during the "Cold War" and the "Space Race" eras, you have to remember "Space Food Sticks."  I remember begging mom for them when we were grocery shopping at Scotty's Market in Terra Linda, California.  That must have been about 1969.  I found this history link for them. Click Here.

  • I remember when one of the biggest treats was to get TV dinners and to actually be allowed to eat in the living room and watch television.  This was back in the day when TV dinners were new and still a novelty (and in aluminum trays :) and we only had one television set in the whole house.

  • Anyone remember Bonomo's Taffy in the summer?  When it was too hot for chocolate bars to hold up, taffy was a great alternative.  Anyone put them in the freezer for a while and shatter them into bite sized pieces?  Here is a link to a similar taffy.

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